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A good friend of mine is friends with Eric Valentine and offered to find a few details about the recording of Songs for the Deaf. he did mention API mic pres, but nothing definite.
I was mixing an older project off of 2" for another friend and that CD became our "model" or inspiration. I was mainly digging the overall EQ of the CD(mastering?)
Specifically, the guy liked the drum sound.
By the time my friend in Hollywood offered to ask Eric about any details I had already finished mixing the project, so it was moot point.

The dry characteristic of the CD was a strange point of reference because eleven of the tracks I was mixing were recorded at A&M Studios and had a gorgeous room sound on the drums.
The other five were cut at my room in Texas in '92 and the band played live in the room.
My room was copy of one at Devonshire in L.A. and sounded good.
I was gonna' use that room sound!

I guess everyone goes through a phase of wanting to cut drums w/o cymbals and ODing them later.
I tried it back in about '88, but never liked the result.
I just like the drums mics and kit as whole to work together.
ahhh devonshire....i went to school at soundmaster.....buster and shivone and all that....devonshire brings back fond memories....wasnt full moon fever done there, not at rumbo?