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I think the most significant difference between Mix and HD is the converters. I recently had to use Mix converters on a project, and after a few years of Apogees and the HD 192, the difference was palpable. With Apogees and the 192 I think you are at a level of quality at which taste will determine your choices. The Mix converters, to my ears anyway, had too much of that "digitized" sound that was made so famous by ADATs.

Not that you couldn't make a great record on any of these.

OTOH, when I switched to HD and imported my Mix sessions in, it was hard to say if there was any significant difference. I mix ITB mostly, so D/A is not a factor, except for monitoring. In that regard, I switched from Apogee outputs to what I hear as the increased accuracy and clarity of the 192.

Anyhow, it works for me.