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Originally posted by Fletcher
[though the little one thinks you're supposed to have a laminate when you go to a show and gets all indignant when all she gets is a "sticker" pass... how do you explain to your 10 year old that when you were that age you actually had to buy tickets and sit with the people in the audience? ... ahh these kids today, I'll tell ya........]
Hihihi heh

Maybe you could show her people camping before entrance in front of the halls. I´m sure it would impress.

About website presentation / marketing speech. Usually there is no sense to me in regard of national stuff, but I´ve said it before, there is indeed something weird about the German ideas of talking to consumers. It seems common here to believe that stiff was associated with "serious".
As a result the marketing and consumer communication here appears to be the least inspiring and most stale.

When I saw your website for the first time what I liked most was exactly the unconventional speech and the little articles besides the obligate gear presentation.

Neumann might think too short if they believe an antiseptical style and image would be best for their products. Just like Porsche who sell one of the best brands with the dullest car advertisement I have ever seen. Actually I´m pretty sure their ads to sell nothing. Rather won´t their fanciless PR concepts disturb the sellings too much, because of the good products themselves.

Emotions and authenticity catch. :O)