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Wow... was that only a year ago? Seems like five years... maybe more.

Things that have gone on in my world since Adolf left the building... first, we found Microtech Gefell... which IMNTLBFHO, is making far superior microphones to the "other" Neumann... Soundelux has come out with some absolutely brilliant new product, the Brauner VMA absolutely blew my mind... and great googly moogly... we haven't missed being a Sennheiser dealer in the slightest.

I still have, and we still use my TLM-103 [serial #13] on a regular basis... it is the mic that we use on the test rig... it is the mic we use for initial evaluation of mic pre's when they first come in the building. We never use it for actual recording, but other than that it's a fine product.

Somehow I sincerely doubt that Neumann/USA felt as much as a blip when we were tossed under the bus, which is cool... they moved on to bigger and better Banjo Marts, we've moved on to better things... so it's all good.

We still don't consider our website an "advertising medium", and there are a couple of other manufacturers that have had an issue with that, but none that has had the balls to go toe to toe about it the way Neumann did.

One of the nice things about our joint is that with the exception of two or three of the lines we carry, I'm on a first name / home phone number basis with the designer of the product, which adds to my personal comfort level in terms of the stuff we carry... being a small company, we prefer to deal with other small companies... it's way more personable that way.

Other than that... it was a good year... a long year, a year that flew by in the blink of an eye... and a year where both of my kids started to like going to rock and roll shows [though the little one thinks you're supposed to have a laminate when you go to a show and gets all indignant when all she gets is a "sticker" pass... how do you explain to your 10 year old that when you were that age you actually had to buy tickets and sit with the people in the audience? ... ahh these kids today, I'll tell ya........]