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Well most of the big studios here seem to still use 2in. Oceanway, conway, electric lady etc But Im sure your right. There may be many protools studio that have won grammys. Maybe I was wrong.

But saying you use protools these days could mean you have a $200 mbox le setup or Protools HD. Pretty wide difference in quality huh? I think hd sounds crappy in comparison to 2in analog, Radar or even ssl soundscape. Their converters are just average.

To me If I was a reputable grammy winning producer the first thing I would do is distance myself from a product such as protools.

I have never won a grammy I know I never will. I'll never engineer or produce a gold record but I'll never use protools either cuz I think it sounds bad.

If protools and similar DAW's are so good, why do all the big name studio still house SSL's and similar large format consoles??? Why do they still have studers? Why do they have racks of outboard?
Cuz protools is so good?? hmmm....
I think you didn't make a good point.
Tracking to PT is a reality today.
Most big name studios still have studers 'cause they might need it someday, once in a while. Ask (those big name studios) how much use those Studers get today?
Having a large format console is another story...
Those won't die for a while...
I remember those big name studios having ALL your 2" machines aligned EVERY FREAKING DAY, 'cause they're used everyday around 8/10 years ago.
I'm not sure this happens today...