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Originally posted by Fletcher
Key words in that sentence: "good condition"
FWIW I am a big Fletcher fan so it's hard to be objective. I mean ****, he has basically built my studio since I've been taking his gear advice on RAP for the past seven years. Be that as it may, I have lived in France, Germany, The Netherlands for extended periods of time and all this stuff I am reading is true and not true as well. Same with America. you got good. You got bad. Just like U67s and U47s. But I know for a fact that Neumann has been making it difficult for dealers to compete, so say my dealer friends. And if Fletcher gave them a dose of his opinion I can only say I wish I was there with my Nagra 'cause I'm sure it was some funny ****. I mean he is after all the Lenny Bruce of pro audio and it's too ****ing bad if Neumann doesn't like it, their loss.