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I cant speak about 1073s but I do have very recent experience w/ 1272s

I have an orig 1272 racked by BA - and recently bought another pair - expecting them to be VERY similar. I do like them but they are VERY different

So much so that I made some quick WAV files and sent them to a few friends : Am I crazy ? Do these sound pretty different ?? Everyone agrees that they sound VERY different

I have the wavs - just a 20 second clip of a clean gtr - than overdriven - w/ each pre

it was recorded pretty scientifically and is pretty telling - both good - very different

If anyone has web space to post the files - I would gladly send them. Could be of interest to everyone. Maybe the 1073s are more similar but my experience w/ the 1272s are they are different flavors - good but SURPRISINGLY different