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I look at it this way. Let's say you are about to graduate carpentry school as opposed to AE school. Would you be asking what hammer out there is the closest thing to sears craftsman??? I doubt it.

Do yourself the favor now and don't get caught up in the PT vs DAW's war. It's pointless. ProTools is just that, a Tool. I don't find it all the much of a Professional tool especially the sound of their converters but overall it is usable.

80% of grammy winning recording studios still use analog gear. The other 15% are probably using Radar and maybe 5% using protools or similar. It really is mostly home and semi pro studios useing protools and most of them use the LE.

If protools was really that great why is it only $200 at guitar center???

Also the motu converters are not that great
I agree with your sentiment of don't get caught up in the wars - but I was going on the assumption he wanted to make a studio as a business, not just as a fun thing on the side. If you just want to do your own thing, get what you want - PT LE would be fine for that with some extra converters, track 18in/out through your console. No point switching if you know and like it already. And if it's your own projects/favours for mates etc, who cares if you have to stop and go "wait a moment...gotta bounce some plugins so we can get latency low enough to track vocals" or whatever. You just can't get away with that in a professional studio.

And allencollins, do you just make up stats on the spot or what?! Over the past 5 years I've worked in 7-8 of the top London studios (including grammy winners) .....I've done 2 sessions where tape was used from beginning to end on a project (ie the track was mixed from tape), numerous where tape is used either at tracking or as a 2-track master, but the vast majority are digital start to finish - albeit mixed on an analogue board if the budget allows. Even ignoring this, how many hip hop/RnB tracks/studios do you think don't use pro-tools/digital?! how many Grammys have the Lord-Alge brothers got between them (yes CLG mixes off a 3348 or something, but it starts off in pro-tools for submixes)?

Also never done a Radar say "PT is only used by semi pro and hobbyists, and then it's mainly LE" is just making things up - just complete BS! I'd say it's more like 80% of Grammy winning studios in the UK barely fire up their tape machines year to year....