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Hey guys,

I am curious what DAW out there is the closest thing to pro tools as far as editing audio and the layout. The reason I ask is I plan on building up a good recording studio once I graduate and I need to start somewhere. Unfortunatley I won't be starting at Pro Tools HD unless I produce a grammy winning album or win the lottery (both equally not likely) so I figured I would keep my Pro Tools m-powered system for some editing features, but up grade my main system so I can get maximum inputs and outputs to and from a DAW for tracking and mixing through an analog console. I would also like it to have great editing features too. I eventually will get an HD system if I can, but was thinking cheaper to start, maybe some MOTU converters...

I have researched all of the DAWS and know a lot about each, but am curious to know from actual users who may know more about them and how close they are in feel to pro tools. I am so used to pro tools I don't really want to step into a whole different world with something else. I have been looking at DP, Logic, Nuendo, etc.

Thanks guys.

I look at it this way. Let's say you are about to graduate carpentry school as opposed to AE school. Would you be asking what hammer out there is the closest thing to sears craftsman??? I doubt it.

Do yourself the favor now and don't get caught up in the PT vs DAW's war. It's pointless. ProTools is just that, a Tool. I don't find it all the much of a Professional tool especially the sound of their converters but overall it is usable.

80% of grammy winning recording studios still use analog gear. The other 15% are probably using Radar and maybe 5% using protools or similar. It really is mostly home and semi pro studios useing protools and most of them use the LE.

If protools was really that great why is it only $200 at guitar center???

Also the motu converters are not that great