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Originally posted by ahhproductions
Is anyone really liking the Focusrite Forte, or the URS A series? I'm considering the purchase of one of these two. I'm just not sure which one to go with right now. Anyone done any comparisons to the real gear? I plan to do a shootout at a friends place next week ISA 215 vs Forte, and API 550A, 550A1, and 550B vs URS A series. I don't want to wait a whole week though if someone else has already done the work. I'm mainly using the Sony Oxford EQ right now, and its pretty nice, but I just can't get the same sound on drums as quickly as I can with an API 550. Any other recommendations?


I have the same problem. I love my Amek's EQ, especially for drums, and haven't been wow'd by any plugin - EQ or compressor. That said, there are some great plugins now, but they're not direct replacements for their hardware cousins which they model. Don't expect an API style plugin to sound like an API.

I've found that if I'm mixing OTB with hardware, then go ITB and try to get plugins to replicate what I did with hardware, it fails every time. If I start ITB and stay there, the results are much more favorable. Conversly, if I'm mixing ITB and get to where I'm satisfied then break stuff out on the console, I can always better the ITB mix. This is very subjective stuff though.

Someday soon I hope to be able to spread my ITB mix out on the console, and NOT better the mix. Then I'll happily stand beside Jules and Charles and wave the ProTools mix flag.thumbsup

FWIW, I thought the URS EQ's were fine, but didn't get me anything that Filterbank doesn't already.