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Sweetwater is saying 10/14 for these to ship but sweetwater has been saying "two weeks from now" for four months. So when is it gonna be?

Oh Lexicon, are your firewire drivers and plugins dying a miserable death?

I'm interested in this as an upgrade to my tc M300 as a vocal cue verb. My plugin verbs have too much latency for vocal cue use (as would e.g. a Powercore). With the bonus that I could also use the MX500 at mixtime when I want its specific sound. I could also use it as a surround verb when those things come along.

It's not a bad value proposition for $500 but I hafta imagine the bugs will take months to be combed out given these slippages.

I will shoot it out with the Kurzweil Rumour when (if?) it gets here.