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No I'm not mistaken, and it's not undocumented. If you own one, then read page 42 of the manual, "Using the MX400 as a Hardware Plug-in". It describes how to use the provided VST or AU plug-ins to access the unit over USB. Not only does it send and receive stereo that way, but surround as well.
I'm sorry, but you've completely misunderstood the manual. There is absolutely no audio that travels on that USB connection. You absolutely must patch physical outputs and inputs and route signal through the unit, physically to get reverb.

The 500 does what you are saying via firewire, but not the 400/200. If you read page 42 through 44, they spell out very clearly that the plugin (VST, AU) simply controls the devices parameters, but that you MUST physically patch the audio through the unit's TRS ports to get sound.

With USB only, it is not physically possible to get any FX on your track.