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Originally posted by stealthbalance
hope this isnt off topic-
im about to go OSX , and one element ive liked is the metric halo channelstrip compressor. to me its what comes closest to the old ssl e series quad compressor-and i have room to mix into it and it wont colapse , it just gets meaner. you just gotta love that threshold slider with the auto gain correction. other compressors dont seem to have as wide a window to work in and dont smear right. or they dont have the whiplash.
heres my question- now that the digi compressor IMPACT has had its attack time bug corrected - is it awesome now and sounding like the ssl compressor they shamelessly ripped off??? is it worth me swapping out a process card for an accel so i can slam this puppy , or is it the wrong animal???
I've spent a little time with it as well- post bug fix- and while I also need more time with it, sonically it doesn't jump out at me as something I want to use all the time... It's good and all I guess, but not something that made me go 'sweeeet!'