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Here for the gear

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I gotta disagree. I have the MX400. I also have the UAD-1 Plate 140, IK Multimedia CSR, Altiverb 5 and Dreamver/Realverb Pro (UAD). The MX400 holds up and often exceeds all of them in quality, IMO. You have to spend a little time and tweak it. It pays off if you do.

I'm not saying that this unit sounds as good as a high-end unit, but it beats most plug-ins, to my ears.

I also found that, while it sounds pretty good as a channel insert, it sounds even better on a bus at 100% wet and blended to taste. It shines pretty well in that scenario.

I'll have a Rumor in a few months too. I'm looking forward to this.

Also, I believe that poster who said this unit carries audio over USB is mistaken. The USB cable only carries control data. Unless you can clue me in to something undocumented...
The MX500 carries the audio over USB (or it might be firewire actually now I think about it), the other versions just allow for automation data etc.