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Originally Posted by Farshad View Post
Right on. I sold mine soon. The reverb was not as good as current high end software plugs IMHO.
I gotta disagree. I have the MX400. I also have the UAD-1 Plate 140, IK Multimedia CSR, Altiverb 5 and Dreamver/Realverb Pro (UAD). The MX400 holds up and often exceeds all of them in quality, IMO. You have to spend a little time and tweak it. It pays off if you do.

I'm not saying that this unit sounds as good as a high-end unit, but it beats most plug-ins, to my ears.

I also found that, while it sounds pretty good as a channel insert, it sounds even better on a bus at 100% wet and blended to taste. It shines pretty well in that scenario.

I'll have a Rumor in a few months too. I'm looking forward to this.

Also, I believe that poster who said this unit carries audio over USB is mistaken. The USB cable only carries control data. Unless you can clue me in to something undocumented...