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GT Brick

Hi. I've used the brick as a vocal spot pre with a neumann tlm103, 3 feet off the floor in front of classical recitalists many times. I found that I had too much gain and I had to get a shure pad. I think there's 25 dB to start with and then another 35 or 37 on the big black knob. If you plug it in and immediately use it, the gain is not so hot, literally, after it's warmed up (30 mins or more) it's stronger and smoother. The knob's last 10% yields hiss as well as gain so I don't go past 4 0'clock. Don't use it with cheap ribbons. It's excellent for church organs. I place it at the foot of the mic stand and run a short output into the snake. Once you get the hang of the performer/room you can set & forget the pre and adjust the recorder input gain (a little!) otherwise you have to crawl under the Soprano's dress to tweak the gain knob again. I bought another and use them for organ and other meaty sources.