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There are a few ways...

I can think of a couple of ways to do this off the top of my head:

method 1)
-take the session you want to copy the settings from and to a "save as" with a name you'll recognize, like "mix settings"

-select all the audio in the tracks (use the all group, place the cursor anywhere in the session, then use apple+A on a Mac or control+A on the PC) and hit the delete key on the keyboard (so the audio tracks are empty but still contain plugs, panning, routing, etc...)

-click on the audio menu and select all, then clear selected, then remove

-save it and close it

-open the session you'd like to apply those settings to, and under the file menu, click import session data and choose the "mix settings" session you just saved

-in the box that pops up there is a section titled "source tracks", click on the dropdowns that default to "do not import" and choose "import as new track" and click on ok.

-in your session you should be able to select all the audio and drag them over to all the new tracks at once, or you can use the equivalent key commands (not necessarily available on LE without a the up and down buttons on a 002 or HUI will do it), or copy and paste, etc...

-delete or disable the voices on the original tracks

-yippee, your audio on the other sessions tracks with all the same plugs and routing

Method 2)

consolidate your edits in all of the sessions, then import those audio files into one session and place them so that one song follows another...looks shorter and easier, but it can take a while to do this


The easiest way to achieve all the same routing and effects across the board is to track everything for all the songs in a single session from the beginning.

There are other ways to do it, but most involve pretty much the same things with slight'll probably discover what's easiest for you as you go through the first few tunes.

-Good Luck.