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Old 24th September 2007
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Is a convertor my best choice for ADAT to 002R?

I have an Digi002R (ProTools). I recently began tracking drums. I have purchased several nice Pres for this effort. I now have a Vintech 473 / Vintech 1272 / Avalon 737 and Focusrite pres to choose from. The interface of an 002R has 4 inputs with built in Pres (not very useable and not bypassable), 4 inputs for any use, 8 inputs via ADAT in and 2 inputs via SPDIF.

I need to be able to run the external pres into the 002R via the ADAT and think my best choice at this time would be to buy an Apogee 800, Lynx, or equal 8 input convertor that has the ADAT output?

Or is there a better way to use good pres through the ADAT input of the 002R. Also, if I get a good convertor and run it into the 002R via ADAT, is the convertors inside of the 002R interfering or over riding the conversion of say an Apogee?

Thanks in Advance.

Ross Hancock
Baltimore MD