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Originally Posted by thismercifulfate ➡️
Not a drum set, but too cool not to share! This is my setup for a session tomorrow recording Michael Waldrop. He’ll be playing this massive 9 foot long, 6-octave Yamaha Marimba while his wife who is a concert pianist accompanies him on our Steinway B. Neumann mics on everything:

U47, U87, U47 Marimba overheads - API 3124m
SM69fet in front - CraneSong Flamingo
M149’s (wide card) on the Piano - John McAllister Audio MP2.

All into CraneSong HEDD 192’s.
nice - i've been using a somewhat similar three-front-mic setup on marimba but added either a u47fet or blm3 to pick up the lowest notes (and rear ambis in wide a/b).