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Originally Posted by 127Riot ➡️
I think you have a great idea if they came out with a little basic 200 series sidecar sorta like the box but more uniformed and without that horrid name.

That would be cool.
I have a plan indeed.. I don’t know if this is doable.. I’ll try to find the right people to do it.. it’s not a sidecar though (which unless you have a real desk is not very useful, other than tracking or simple summing in the best case scenario).

What api should do is at least update their 212L preamp with a polarity reverse knob..

Also a good updated 200 series channelstrip with the 212 pre, the 215 filters, 225L compressor (maybe with a blend/mix feature) and a 3band eq (550a) would be pretty cool indeed. (I’d also add an insert point, selectionable, and a line in of course).

They should add the fader knob with an additional output stage.. this is totally doable for api, they have everything already.. just put it together on 1 or 2 pcb’s.. Would be rad. Call it the api vision channel.
(If they are kind could send one for free over here, just as a thank you.. )