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Originally Posted by cheu78 ➡️
Api should do a legacy channelstrip with:

212 preamp, 215 filters, the 225 compressor (or something derived from that), and a 550eq (or a 500 free slot) and most important the fader, in order to be closer to that “console” sound..

Aka bring back the api 7600 updated as a MK2 or call it the legacy channelstrip..

Also it would be cool a small console 10x2 (or by 4) with 4 additional stereo returns, 4 auxes.. with some monitor controller feats, and a 2 slot 500 series slot for that 529 stereo compressor..?
Sort of a box two, but with the 212, pres, 200 series filter and compressor on every channel, inserts for external eq’s (or the possibility to integrate a 10slot 500 series lunchbox above it, with 550/560 or whatever the user wants).
Like a small tracking gem.. different from the box..
I’d say that it could have a market

Mr Droppa and @ API Sez... .. are you listening ?

I’ll be happy to take the prototype in exchange of giving you this idea

I think you have a great idea if they came out with a little basic 200 series sidecar sorta like the box but more uniformed and without that horrid name.

That would be cool.