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Old 23rd September 2007
Here for the gear

monitoring ways...

Would this be possible?

I'm using Logic Studio. Would it be possible to give me bassist, drummer, and guitar player all different mixes by doing the following.

Create 3 AUX's in the DAW.

AUX 1 is for the bassist, AUX 2 is for guitarist, AUX 3 is for drummer.

I set their mixes each up in the recording program from the incoming tracks. IE like bass player will obviously want more of his bass in his headphones than the guitar


I could route each AUX out a different output on my firepod, since I have 8.

So AUX 1 would go OUT3-4, AUX 2 would go OUT5-6, AUX 3- OUT7-8

The whole rest of the mix would go out the regular outputs, 1-2.

All I would like to do now is find a headphone amp that has 3 headphone outputs, but lets me put a different input on each channel.

Like the Behringer HA4700, but with an input on each channel. I see it has an AUX on each channel..would that work?

Sorry if this question is a bit confusing.