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Originally Posted by sfmill ➡️
I updated my home studio.

Interface: Arturia Audiofuse 8pre + Behringer ADA8000
Bass Drum 1: Shure Beta 52a
Bass Drum 2: Audio Technica AT3035 with Earthworks KickPad KP1
Beater: Electro-Voice RE20
Snare: Earthworks SR25
Tom: Shure Beta 98H/C
Floor Tom: Shure Beta 98H/C
Hi Hat: Shure SM81
Overheads: Earthworks SR25 (2x)
Room: Audio Technica AT3035 (2x)

Oriollo Bakar Spun Copper
• 22X14, 13X9, 16X14

• Joyful Noise TKO Bronze 14X6.5

• UFIP Class Series Light Hi-Hats 14”
• UFIP Class Series Light Ride 22”
• UFIP Class Series Medium Crash 16”
• UFIP Class Series Heavy Crash 18”
• UFIP Rough Series China 18”
• UFIP Rough Series Wave Hi-Hats 12”
• UFIP Rough Series Wave Hi-Hats 14”
I'd like to hear this.