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Originally Posted by T_R_S;15****71
So you know that for sure?
Logic X came out in 2015 - all the upgrades have been free so far.
So "if" there is an update 5 years of free upgrades is still hard to beat.
Given Apples past record on Logic I would be surprised of they charge for the next version. Apple uses hardware to give out cheap or free software.
My first version of Logic that I purchased (2003) was a lot more that $200 - so at this point I way ahead of the curve
Its the way its always been. Logic Pro X came out in 2013 actually. All of the updates so far have been for Logic Pro 10.. When 11 comes out, this isn't an 'update' this is an 'upgrade'. Users paid for X when it came out, Logic 9 users were not given the upgrade for free. Final Cut Pro users never get new versions free, they pay for those as well. If by some miracle its free this time, Apple changed their normal policy. They don't give out new versions of anything unless its the free apps that come with the Mac like Pages, Numbers, etc.. Their "professional" software is a paid upgrade when new versions come out just like everyone else does (except Steinberg who like to charge people for .5 updates from time to time).

Ive heard its like pulling teeth getting a refund/exchange with Apple even if you happen to buy something and they release the new version the very next day.