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Old 23rd April 2004
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Charles, I guess what I'm saying is that when I get stuff that isn't tracked all that well, I kinda find myself wishing for certain pieces that I've used with success in the past at other peoples rooms. For instance I used to have a pair of distressors and I often find myself missing a way to get the sound that I could easily get with the Distressors.

Also I don't have the duy stuff. May have to look into it

Man I don't get into the digital/ analog debates but I notice a drastic difference in my sound since I added a folcrom and began to sum outside of the box. My mix plus rig is giving me so much more of the sound that I want. I never had analog channel (other than a Mc DSP demo) either so maybe I"m just substituting for what can be done with plugins, but with the price of a folcrom @ $750 I simply view it as an analog plugin that requires no DSP