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Much of this (long) thread advises "slapping" images onto a SCSI2SD, and also using the command line "dd" command.

May I suggest a far easier and efficient way of doing this? Use Translator [Free], it is fully SCSI2SD compliant. "Slapping" images to the SD works, but it is significantly inefficient. For example, if you have a 32GB SD card with v6.0, you have 7 4GB ID's. (This is often the case with EMu.) Slapping an image to a 4GB SD card - you've just totally wasted 3.3GB.

Instead, you can use Translator [Free] to move whatever you want from the CD/disk/image to the SD card itself. You can make accurate compilations - you don't have to move all the files over - just the ones you want.

It has a great GUI, so you can audition any samples on these proprietary disks while you are at it. "dd" just isn't necessary, with it's blind usage and archaic command line interface.

There are tons of other tools included (again, for free) that will help you with your SD card management with SCSI2SD.

Works on Mac and Windows, all operating systems.And it's FREE!