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Anyone know how to mount a CD image onto a scsi2sd V6 for an akai s1100?
I'm not sure what tool to use under windows but I've done it under OSX. Plug the SCSI2SD in to the computer with a USB cable. From the terminal you can use (from memory):

To get a list off all the drives connected to the computer and their disk identifier names.
diskutil list
To copy the CDROM image to the SCSI2SD virtual disk:
sudo dd if=<filename of CDROM disk image> of=<disk identifier name>
e.g. on my system its something like:
sudo dd if=oldsamplelibrary.iso of=/dev/disk3
this process can take a while and by default does not give any feedback to the user on how far it has progressed. Pressing control-t will cause it to report where its up to at the time.

then to finish up:
sudo diskutil eject <disk identifier name>
on my system this would be something like
sudo diskutil eject /dev/disk3
Selecting the right disk identifier can be tricky, particularly if your SCSI2SD v6 has lots of drives set up on it. I have found that the disk identifiers change each time I connect to the SCSI2SD making this process a bit dangerous. It can help to have an SD card setup with only one drive on it. Obviously, don't try to write to a drive that has all your important stuff on it. Use at your own risk etc.