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I'll probably get in trouble for going a bit off topic, but I thought I would post this here since it's such a unique drum. I did a little demo of my A&F 18x4 Gunshot Snare. I started off with it tuned pretty high just for the hell of it. Not my favorite tone, but sounded pretty solid once I got the SnareWeight or BFSD Donut on there. This thing is INSANE once you tune it lower. It would be waaaaay too much for most "typical" application, but it's absolutely beautiful with some brushes. I can imagine it working out really well in some ballad situations with minimal mic'ing. It also is a surprisingly good kick drum. It would KILL on some deader kind of Stax/Funk applications. Pretty thuddy, but I don't have anything else like it right now.

It's also for sale if anyone is interested. I have no gripes with it and really enjoyed it, but I keep buying drum stuff even though I don't do many drum sessions. I'm not a drummer and I want another electric guitar, haha....