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Originally Posted by thismercifulfate ➡️
I’m at Tucker Martine’s studio Flora Recording and Playback for a 10 day session. The studio is insanely cool and there’s more gear than I know what to do with and even a real echo chamber. We’re switching a lot of gear out from song to song but here’s the basic setup we begun with on drums:

KickIn - D112 or M88 - Avedis MA5 - API560
KickOut - U195 - Console - API560
SnTp1 - KM84 - Console
SnTp2 - Unidyne III - Neve 1064
SnBt - MD441 - Console
Hats - KM86 - Capi VP28
Ride - KM86 - 33105
Crotch - RCA 77 - x73 - 1176
Toms - e22S - Console - SPL Transient Designer
OHS - U67- Console - 670
RmStereo - R88 - Console - 1178
RmMono - M49 - Console - SpecterSonics Model

I’m not using every mic on every song but this setup gives us the most options. The Console is an API Legacy with 212L pres and 550L EQ’s. Everything is going into a Burl Mothership.
Seems like fun times. I didn't realize there was a new Flora. I remember the video Tucker posted as he moved out of the old space.