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Heeey Tunca. I see you flooded with new plugin requests from left, right, and centre. That's called demand :D your work is clearly pleasing a lot of folks, so good to see.

On that note, I don't really want to ask anything of you - so grateful for what we have already - but just to point out, as a fellow Trid*nt fan, that the awesome CB9146 is seeing some renaissance just now thanks to a popular sample-based developer releasing a sampled clone of this awesome snappy comp.

I also know that you've got some good first-hand experience with the HW box.

So... I'm gonna be that guy, and politely hint that this could be a great port to your catalogue, if you don't mind my suggestion.

In fact, if TREQ in it's current form also had the CB9146 attached, with option to switch processing order (EQ into comp/comp into EQ), and with GR mode available on the meter, it could maybe be a contender for the best "attitude box" out there. Based on where you're at lately with your algo's.

Hey, I know you're a busy, in-demand guy; I'm just sayin'.

Thanks for your interest and words!

Yes, i am getting requests and i am trying to do what i can. But it is little hard as single developer. GUI work, circuit thing, coding... At least, making plugin takes 3 weeks if can go crazy :D

And i am musician, too. I always record new songs. Even, I will release next single next week and another after two weeks and full EP after three weeks...

Also, i will release Britpressor in a couple of day...

About CB9146, it's really fast and dirty! I've redesigned and sold some as hardware. Easy to build but hard to calibrate...

To be honest, i would prefer CB9146 instead 1176 if i want really compress and distort signal in musical way.

For crispy vocals with dirt, it's great!

But, i always used it with drums as parallel compressor to add beef to drums. No matter hard hitting drums or e-drum. Even, it can add extra life and interest to softest jazz drums.

I will check it and see what can i do and when...

Also, i am thinking about Big Sur and M1... My plugins working on Big Sur (Intel Based) with same trick as Catalina.

But no chance to get new Mac to test M1. One of my users will get new Mac with M1 and help me for first tests.