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I've only worked in the corporate live world and all the female techs I worked with were great and seemed to be as respected as everyone else. Rarely ever got to work with them but it was a nice change of vibe to have them on a show. It made me wanna move to a company with a more diverse work force. If the company I was previously at hired a female tech they'd be looking at some sort of HR issue or lawsuit so fast because my boss was an absolute pig. We did work at the local college and he would just oggle the students and make comments about them. He's pretty much the reason I left that place aside from insultingly low pay. Any time I had a bad experience with someone it was always a guy. Screw Markey's (don't care about name and shame, no interest in returning to the industry after covid passes). That place was a great example of the old guard getting in the way of good work.