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I can remember in high school for work experience I put down I wanted to try a recording studio. Some guy in my class ended up in the recording studio and I got lumped in an admin role. Did a bachelor degree in production. Couldn’t get a job so went to teaching instead. I do often wonder if things would have turned out different if I was a boy?
thx for chiming in! unfortunately, more or less hidden disadvantages for women are commonplace and often don't even get recognized as such from the point of view of men, no matter how 'woke' they think they are...

was it a structural discrimination or a lack of awareness? did things change in recent years and if so, to the better or worse? in the position you are now, do you get to discuss your experience?

p.s. out of the ca. 100 techs i get to deal with regularly, exactly 4 (four) are women! 2 working in the light department, 1 in audio, 1 in an acoustic design company - shocking/disappointing!

(one area in which things changed a lot is classical music - not in terms of technicians but that there are many more female musicians in the orchestras these days, at least when comparing to 30-40 years ago!)

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