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As far as I can determine, the move to the HD chipset didn't involve that major of a change in technology. I'm not an electronic engineer, but when I read the HD specs they claimed that the each chip was 25% faster and there were 9 instead fo 6 and that each of the chips had the larger ram memory, so they could all run all of the plugs. That doesn't imply a radical improvement to me. I think the data stream is identical at least down to the 24th bit. The improvement comes in the true 48 bit mix summing bus of HD compared to the Mix system limitation of (I think) 56 faders, at which point the system adds another DSP chip and sums the remaining faders into the mix at 24 bit resolution. That places the differences in the two mixes about 140db down. I'm not sure about the DSP differences with HD Accel.

So I stand by my theory that the differences are mainly in the D/A converters on the HD system, and that that is good news for mix owners. If HD were revealing flaws in my work that had been masked by my mix systems poor reproduction, then I would RUSH to upgrade. Since EVERYONE says Mix mixes sound better when played through HD, I think it is a good report on the Mix system.

I would be interested in comparing the same mix from both systems, through a common D/A converter. I think it would be extremely hard to discern a difference.

Charles, what are your thoughts on this?