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1. does that sound like the right approach for my situation in general?
2. In terms of monitoring, my monitors are connected to my apollo. Is there any reason to change that to monitoring out of the six as my master monitor? And if so how would you suggest doing it.
I will preface my answer with the admission that I am also new to using the SSL SiX. I too am using an Apollo interface, but mine is a twin with 8 additional ADAT coming from my UAD 4-710d PreAmp - so I have fewer INs and OUTs hardware wise. My set up is a little bit different though, in that I am using a Flock Audio Patchbay (this is cool hardware invention that you can control completely via your computer to connect INs and OUTs).

I think your setup makes practical sense for your situation since you want to hardwire and then route everything using your DAW, and you do not have a patchbay - but I wonder if the necessity of routing everything from your DAW could cause latency issues. For the second question about monitoring, it makes sense to me that you would use your Apollo because you have more immediate control of latency because the instruments are connected directly to that. I chose to switch my monitoring to the SiX because I wanted to use the monitor outs on my apollo as additional hardware line outs since these are more limited in the apollo twin. Also, compared to my apollo, the SiX has a more sophisticated monitoring setup in terms of routing different feeds to alternate speakers and headphones. How does the monitoring work through your apollo when you are mixing down? Don’t you need to hear the mix out from the SiX directly?

I am curious to see what more experienced users post as replies for your setup. Also, if anyone has feedback on my setup too feel free to reply.