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Here for the gear

hi all, hope this isn't a totally random question looking for a little help. I'm testing out an SSL SIX at the moment. I want to be able to track through it (synths/drum machines/vocals) as well as use it for summing from my DAW. At the moment I have all my gear plugged in to my apollo 8 and an ADAT expansion. I then have two mono channels running in to one and two, and three stereo pairs running out of my Apollo. Ideally I want a set up where I can just route things around in software on Ableton and they are hardwired rather than plugging and unplugging. So two questions:

1. does that sound like the right approach for my situation in general?
2. In terms of monitoring, my monitors are connected to my apollo. Is there any reason to change that to monitoring out of the six as my master monitor? And if so how would you suggest doing it.