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Sorry Shure, but while I think this could have been the new YouTube standard (ok, micro USB is not that sexy), it doesn't deliver on the sound. At least when I listen to this comparison:

Not only is the overall performance not as nice as the SM7B, but it sounds like it needs too much work taking care of plosives afterwards.
I think that video doesn't show the way that YouTubers and streamers tend to position and use their mics realistically. If you see most of them, they have the microphone further away, in order to have it away from the mouth on camera, and they tend to put it towards the front, and not at an angle.

A far better review (honestly this guy makes the best vocal mic reviews) is this one:

I think it will make it easier for podcasters et al. to make good-sounding recordings than most other cheapo USB mics around. I think it sounds good when used as designed.