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Thank you so much for posting Kyle. So much great information and I will respond more in depth in a subsequent post. But I wanted to provide a small progress update.

Over the past 4 days I've had numerous calls/discussions with my wife, our contractor, a few designers our RE lawyer and our structural engineer. I consider all of these chats essentially part of a broader feasibility study on the attic project which has essentially resulted in a general consensus that we should probably look for an alternative location on the property.

So, for the upcoming week, I plan on starting a NEW feasibility study exploring the possibility of an outbuilding in our fairly small backyard. My wife is excited about this prospect because we will set aside budget to re-vamp her garden and she will design the exterior look of the building/shed/workshop. I plan on posting detailed updates here as well in case it helps others looking to do the same. But not sure if I should keep updating this thread or start a new one for the backyard project.

Let me know where the best place to continue our discussions would be and a sincere THANK YOU to everyone who has posted or who is following along.

Have a great week all.

Congrats Wade! Your thorough examination of your situation has/will pay dividends. I think you will find an outbuilding much simpler to design and friendlier on the pockets.

As far as where the best place to continue is, is up to you, its your ship. If you start a new thread you can always add a link to this one to avoid re-typing things.

Looking forward to seeing your project evolve!