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Old 1st November 2020
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Assuming 12TET, first I'll sum up some previous suggestions: it could be because your brain is still calibrated to the scale you were hearing/playing previously. Your mind juxtaposes this against the new scale, therefore coloring your impression of it.

It also could be because you have perfect pitch, and have different memories associated with different scales/ pitch ranges.

It also could be because an instrument's timbre usually changes with frequency. So, a high CDEFG will have fundamental frequencies that are exact multiples of a low CDEFG, but they'll each emphasize a different mix of harmonics, which influences your qualitative impressions.

Here's another thing I think it could be: the drone tone you're hearing is what provides the base that your mind calibrates to, and it creates a different harmony with each note of each different major (or whatever) scale you play above that drone. I know you're not actually playing a drone note/chord while you play the scale - I'm talking about the tonal quality of your heating system, the cars going by, the TV someone's watching in the next room, or if you're lucky, the mountain breeze meeting the ocean waves... but mostly, the general din of modern life. The air is full of tones which blend with yours, unless you're wearing headphones.

And, if you're not using headphones, there's even one more factor: room nodes. Your room itself can emphasize and minimize particular frequencies, and this can color your perception of major (or any) scales played in different ranges or in different keys.

The obvious initial conclusion based on your observation could be that absolute pitches carry objective meaning. Then, you could reason, maybe the meaning (associated feelings) is coming from the listener's side, but possibly it's the same for everyone who hears the same pitch - IOW, still some standardized meaning for each absolute pitch. This is kind of a popular newage idea, and it comes from way back in history. It usually doesn't eliminate or even discuss the less fantastic variables mentioned above (or others, or any really), so in my mind, that doctrine isn't very rigorous. It needs actual study by non-believers, to verify or debunk.