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I think the sonic footprint will always be a compromise. In the most pure form, you would go the route of Bob Katz.

I have 2 34-inch LG ultra-wides. Both of these are relatively low to the ground pointing up. Sorry the attached pic doesn't really show the vertical angle very much but they really are pointed upwards because I insist the Mackie Monitors must sit at ear level, which is about 3 feet behind the monitors in order to create my sweet spot. (disregard the EV monitors used as a cue speaker)

Yes, there is some reflection, and I could even lower the monitors and point them upwards more, however I feel the compromise works.

There is another 17 inch not powered to the left and a 28-inch ultra wide above the DAW controller.

The sweet spot is a maybe 3 inches, and Reference 4 is in use due to the shape of the walls.
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