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What issues do you face with Studio one? I'm demoing now, and really like most features, but haven't tried any huge sessions yet.
Having used S1 extensively and just starting out with cubase i can say, there are lots of similarities (which is not surprising as some s1 devs apparently came from steinberg)
S1 to me, is like a slimmed down, modern day productive machine for solo producers. It has great arranging and songwriting tools, with lots of functionality for creating beat/synth driven music.
It is an all in one for producers who do the job all in one....if you write, record, edit, arrange and mix - s1 can be great for you. It does everything in house.

BUT, it manages this uncluttered, elegant workflow by cutting out a lot of the heftier features of Cubase. I got a long way with S1 before i just needed the extra stuff. Thats when i tried Reaper.
Reaper has advanced automation, snapshots, actions, you name it..but it never felt smooth for me.
Cubase has all of the features i like from reaper, with a lot of the flow from S1.
I find the automation to be incredibly implemented, as are the track versions, console recall, snapshots etc.

S1 does not have advanced automation features, nor snapshots, no logical editor. Cubase is also a lot more flexible with window setups, the console is amazingly configurable and it has the control room, track inspector and channel rack which are absolutely incredible.

So for me, it depends on what you want to do - if you don't need all that extra stuff, S1 could be a better choice. It does have my favourite UI. I am someone who thinks UI matters - you stare at the thing all day.
I do have to say though, the cubase UI is very slick indeed.