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For myself, it doesn't matter much who uses what, even if they are famous.

I think Jonos great contributions are mostly for composers of large track film, & game, etc. His many dozens of free midi Logical Editor presets downloaded at the Metagrid website is very well thought out. Actually I have never seen a better organized collection of midi Logical Editor presets, that go far beyond what is included in the Cubase factory presets.

Enhanced Cubase workflow...faster and more easy...

Once you have mastered all the Cubase Key commands you think you need, built all your custom macros, and integrated PLE and LE into both...then it's time to buy a used iPad and for $14, purchase Metagrid. That will sort of take you to a new power level in Cubase because its totally customizable and combines KC's, PLE's, LE,s Macros, plus is great for large track counts. Speed and enhanced workflow...

This stuff here I think is so much more useful than buying any DAW controller unless your objective is basic mix console functions.

Totally agree with this. I love the control that cubase allows for. I grabbed the cubase control app (great for engineering myself singing) and will grab meta grid once i have purchased Cubase. I do still think their fader controller looks cool - but it is basically just that (with eq control)
I also have a slate raven, which i was thinking of selling, as i have been through different DAWs trying to find one that works for what i am doing now, and couldn't settle.
I have to say, even the Raven works better with Cubase than any other DAW i have tried it with. So if anything, i will be doing what you said - grab another used ipad and use metagrid with it.

On the subject of touch screens, has anyone tried 'ZenDaw' for cubase?
Cubase seems likea program that really could utilize a multi monitor setup well, so i need to plan it a bit. So far i am amazed at it's flexibility.

When using reaper i was using the reaper remote web builder - it was useful, but not ideal. Radial menu was very useful. But my problem with Reaper add on's is that a lot of them never feel like they work as you want them to. Some of them aren't updated when you need them to be...everything feels like a bit of a workaround.

I have been demoing cubase for a few days and am convinced that it is going to be my new home. It gives me everything i love about reaper (and more) in a way that is conducive to getting things done.