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Yep and all I use is one Dupont connector.
The CV In on the VM can also be used as external input from other synths.

So the 2 Pole 1/4" signal OUT connector gets converted to 1/8" and goes into the
CV Input jack on the Modular.

The Top position on the CV area goes to the signal IN on
the first LPG via the one Dupont cable.

So now all the internal signals from the Modular are bypassed
and the LPG/VCA can control external inputs.

In order to synch the Modular's first EG, I take a trigger pulse from CV OCD,
which ensure the attenuation is done to the beat.

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nice. so the vMod is 'letting through' the signal from the other stuff ... ?

um.. aaah.. of course you know that as soon as (i) sell it, korg will bring out the other half as a different volca modular pt2, or something. i just find it too grating as it is. probably don't understand it, and should 'work' harder at it.

i'm not really of a mindset to try to make it work better, with other stuff (maybe). did think about pulling out signals from the pcb connections on other volcas eg: bass/keys - already have a piece of ribbon picking up all the wave outputs inside a Bass, thinking about attaching those to a piece of ribbon header, instead of having minijack outputs. the ribbon header presumably would take dupont cables? (2: do i *need* to sell it, other than for headspace? rid myself of underwhelm?) (name for a band/track?) (movie?)