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Here is the Waldorf 2 Pole routed through the Volca Modular as a VCA.
nice. so the vMod is 'letting through' the signal from the other stuff ... ?

um.. aaah.. of course you know that as soon as (i) sell it, korg will bring out the other half as a different volca modular pt2, or something. i just find it too grating as it is. probably don't understand it, and should 'work' harder at it.

i'm not really of a mindset to try to make it work better, with other stuff (maybe). did think about pulling out signals from the pcb connections on other volcas eg: bass/keys - already have a piece of ribbon picking up all the wave outputs inside a Bass, thinking about attaching those to a piece of ribbon header, instead of having minijack outputs. the ribbon header presumably would take dupont cables? (2: do i *need* to sell it, other than for headspace? rid myself of underwhelm?) (name for a band/track?) (movie?)