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there's no simple solution for every use case - use your ears and especially listen carefully to transient heavy information
basically there's tradeoffs on phase response where the filter type can affect a bass guitar or vocal performance differently etc etc

fabfilter's educational content is top notch and well worth the read
Thank you, you are perfectly right...
From what I could gather, yes it's a trade-off negotiation push-pull process.

My issue is ...
I want to simply EQ. Not have to think about the overall quality of the process, and just trust the tool for what it was intended for.
Ideally Pro Q3 is a transparent precision tool. Turns out it is a bit of a different story.

There is a huge range of results you can get form PROQ3 for the same EQ curve, and honestly that bothers me.
Maybe, for mastering, or just on the 2Bus you can take your time to try different settings and see what works best.
But for instinctive processing during a busy and fast flowing mix session, that is an added distraction for me.

That is why I was hoping there was a kind of "standard" intended use for each setting, especially as it is not just an intuitive "highest quality setting equals highest sound quality always".

I am considering trying the DMG offering to see if I can get more consistent results.

Thanks again...