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Originally Posted by norbury brook ➡️
2x 24 inch screens low on your desk side by side should ley you place your monitors on stands/shelf above them thereby making the sonic imprint negligible.

here's the perfect example
I know someone who took the idea a step further, he cut a hole in his desk and has the monitors actually recessed. So they would be even bit lower at an even steeper angle, and also closer to him than the guy in the video.

the setup in the video looks like some of the sound from his speakers may still be catching on the back of the screens.

One of the things I love about Pro Tools is that there are only two windows, mix and edit, and it takes a split second to go from one to the other. It takes about the same amount of time to go command + = as it would to tilt my head to a different screen. I never feel the need for a second screen