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Originally Posted by newguy1 ➡️
I meant that you’re reporting independent artist as your sole source of income (or at least primary source, as some go venture capitalist and invest in stuff once they have money). That’s what a full time independent artist is, by definition. If you have multiple sources of income you’d be reporting those sources.

The median earnings for artists in the US is 20k-25k (

To be full time you realistically need to be pulling 30-40k. So it can be assumed that the 1,560 artists reporting as full time make at least that.

The article i linked comes to the same conclusion.
What kind of life you do get making 30-40k? That's barely minimum wage. And you have to fight for it, every day of your life. What if your inspiration goes away and suddenly you can't write anything (once you get into your 40s that's a reality)? That's a terrible life choice to pursue imo.