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Im just going to say this and then be done.
-An "average" is not the same as a percentage.

According to your info:
-75% of indy artists are making less than $10k a year. On music.
-Is $10k a year in the U.S really "making a living"?
-Like i said before, when you graph it on a chart like what is shown, exponential growth looks great! but, it just means more people are becoming indy artists, not neccesarily doing better. This is where the sense of optimism is coming from I guess. But, its rather misleading. Otherwise the "66% of indy artists surveyed", wouldnt feel like they needed supplemental income to make ends meet.

Or at least thats what I think.
My claim was more artists are making a living off their music than ever. This is a simple fact you can simply look up.

2012 was actually the year the most artists lived off their music. But outside 2012, more artists made a full time living in the US off music in 2019 than ever, as part of an upward trend since 2016, which was when the music industry bottomed out before finally turning a corner into growth again.