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How does the CPU usage compare to Ableton or Pro-tools?

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I recently demoed both, plus Studio One (I come from Logic), in my quest towards finding a second daw that plays well with the Console 1 hardware. I ended up buying Studio One. Reaper never did it for me and this last attempt just confirmed it, there’s nothing wrong with it but I just get lost in getting it to be be the way I want it to be rather than working with it. As it is when you first boot it I really don’t like it. Cubase is very good but I just find Studio One to do the same things in a leaner, more intuitive way. Also, I was a bit disappointed to find that Cubase hasn’t really evolved visually since I last used it a few years ago, to me it looks “old”. I’m still learning Studio One but so far I get the impression that the people behind it were in a position of building something new from scratch without having to add layers and layers to old code. It’s very Logic inspired but with a more intuitive, snappy way of getting things done, and a few brilliant features such as the “scratch pads“. Visually, things like plugins thumbnails and dragging and dropping are just great. The downside is that the CPU efficiency is nowhere as good as Logic’s so you need to be more careful to not overcook your sessions.