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My thoughts as I see your dream studio gets more squeezed, compromised, and intrusive into your inside and outside family space, is that you might look for a nearby commercial building or space to buy or lease. Most of the downtowns in my area (Central California) have older buildings with very substantial construction and high ceilings that are going vacant. It is a trend that was noticeable starting two decades ago, but accelerated in the last few years as Amazon Prime replaced a trip to whatever store for whatever item. COVID has shut even more of these businesses, and there is nothing waiting to fill those spaces.
I don’t know how close you are to such a building, or even if they exist in your area, but you, and more so your wife, might be happier if your studio was not literally on top of her.
If I was looking for a space that would satisfy your studio plans, I can easily think of five suitable and empty places less than a ten minute car ride away.