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I'm consistently blown away with how good the Wampler Ego comp sounds. It's like a Dynacomp with more control.
Blend, attack, sustain, tone and volume. It can be unnoticeable or get the funk up in your face. Quiet too.

I punted the Bicomprossor. It really needed the mix control and it was easier to sell than spend more to have it added.
Tried all the Compact Cali pedals. If I didn't like the Ego so much I'd probably go with the Origin comp pedal for bass. Having a hpf really makes a big difference in keeping the low end intact for baritone as well as bass. But they're expensive and in a shootout I actually still preferred the Ego comp, which I admit surprised me.

So many good choices out there though, you really need to shoot a few out with your guitars and see which one works for you. I do a lot of recording and plugins are great but if you want that funky comp sound, only a pedal will get it.

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